She:  “It’s so good to get in bed, and to relax and snuggle.  What a long day.”

He:  “I brought you a special surprise!  The new 2007 Salida Tempranillo!”

She:  “You lit the candles!  I’ll bet you think the wine will taste better that way.”

He:  “It may later on when …”

She:  “Wow, when I hold the wine against the light, it has beautiful, slow legs that remind me of a tango dancer.  Very clever Honey, since Tempranillo is a Spanish grape.”

He:  “Yes, I’m really happy about the glycerides.  You know, when you wrap your legs around …”

She:  “Hush!  I want to sip it.  Oh my, it’s really a big and expansive mouthful!

He:  “That’s actually what I was trying to achieve when I …”

She:  “It’s like velvet in my mouth, but really firm too.”

He:  “Did you know that there was a recent medical study suggesting that tannins may help a man to …”

She:  “Stop!  Oh My Word!  I can feel it just trickle down the back of my throat.  Oh gosh it kind of tickles.”

He:  “Yes, again it’s those glycerides.  They give the wine …”

She:  “Sensual!  That’s it!  No, maybe sexy!  Gosh, I remember those days when my girlfriends and I would go to Girls Night Out at the Purple Turtle.  The guys would dance on stage and begin to take … “

He:  “Honey!  I though we were talking about the wine!”

She:  “Wow!  It smells just like a fresh-baked cherry pie, or maybe like one of those chocolate covered cherry candies.  No, now I’m getting something like leather.  When I was riding last weekend … “

He:  “That’s kind of what I had in mind tonight, but …”

She:  “Really good job, Honey!  ‘Ya know, you’re very talented.”

He:  “Oh incidentally, Brian and I are thinking of going fishing early tomorrow morning.”

She:  “Thank goodness, I don’t smell any of that briney-like thing.”

He:  “Yeah.  That would probably mean there’s a problem with …”

She:  “Wait!  Now I’m getting a kind of smokey aroma.  Remember when we went camping last summer.  It was so romantic.  I can smell the campfire in the wine!”

He:  “I thought the best part was when we got into the back of the truck and …” 

She:  “Honey, didn’t you lite the candles for a special reason?  Not to talk about going fishing or camping.”

First blog everyone!  Hope you enjoyed it!  And don’t forget to get a bottle of the new ’07 Tempranillo before it’s gone! 

Just a reminder:  Mars and Venus taste wine too, but that women, by far, make the most wine purchases in the U.S.  And don’t forget to blow the candles out.  Alegria!


About salidawine

Salida Wine is a creation of winemaker Doug McCrea featuring a portfolio of wines made in Washington State from Spanish grape varietals.
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