It’s taken some time, and with a few delays, but we’re finally launching our monthly program called ‘Third Thursdays’ beginning March 17th at the Olympia Wine Tasting Bar. Yeah, I know it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, but not everyone wants to drink green beer that night!

Every third Thursday of the month (I think I’m being redundant) we’ll present a unique topic featuring a guest host, scrumptious small plates, and wines produced by both McCrea Cellars and Vina Salida Wines.

We’ll begin at 6 p.m. in the lovely courtyard of our New Caldonia building in the epicenter of downtown Olympia at 116 5th Avenue Southeast, between Capitol Way and Washington Street.

Our goal is to offer a broad range of fun and insightful glimpses into many worlds, including the culinary arts with guest chefs, artisan cheeses, olive oil crafting, visual arts, agritourism, travel adventure, winemaking and viticulture, sommeliers and wine critics, shellfish farming, native American culture, our downtown merchants and their many wonderous shops, and on and on.

Our first feature is called ‘Spot On,’ presented by Lenny Young, wine director of two top downtown Olympia restaurants, Waterstreet Cafe and Aqua Via. We’ll explore the basics of successful (and maybe not so successful) pairings of food and wine by offering examples illustrating the diversity of choices one can make by contrasting two wines with each of three courses.

We’ll also explore how the basics of smell and taste affect our preferences and how elements such as sweetness, acidity, pH, texture, etc. interrelate when pairing food and wine. The dialogue should be really lively as we exchange individual perceptions of the pairings. Hopefully each participant will gain some insight and be even more confident to host their very own ‘Spot On’ culinary-wine soiree.

If you’d like to join us simply mouse over and click on “contact” in the tool bar, then either give us a call or send a return email confirmation. There is a $20 charge to cover the food and wine cost (and the plates are really delish ’cause Lenny and I have already reviewed them). We’ll also offer a 10% discount that evening on bottle purchases of all of our wines we pour at the Tasting Bar.

There are only 24 reservations available for the inaugural event! Black tie not required, but alas, shoes and shirt are a requisite, even here in Olympia.


About salidawine

Salida Wine is a creation of winemaker Doug McCrea featuring a portfolio of wines made in Washington State from Spanish grape varietals.
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