The Scotsman’s Return To Golf (sort of!)

On Friday, May 13th (yup that’s right) we’re doing a winemaker’s dinner at the renowned Chambers Bay Golf Course. Since the game of golf began in Scotland, it seems appropriate and the surroundings are uncannily similar to Scotland. This is the location which will host the 2015 U.S. Open Championship!

I got together with the F & B Director, Anthony Shipmen, and Executive Chef, Dustin Joseph, and among the three of us, we’ve developed a great evening of food and wine pairing. It astonishes me that the evening is only $75 per guest including sales tax and gratuity!

If you’d like to join us, contact Anthony by email at: or call 253-460-4653, ext. 115.

As for golf itself, well ……. I was once accused during lessons by a pro that I was using the club like a tennis player. What a coincidence! I was a very serious tennis player during college. He kept saying “Don’t HIT the ball, SWING the club!” Oh well, I don’t have time for golf anyway in this moment.

Of course, we’ll also have a “Spanish Invasion” of the golf club that evening, including the tempranillo and our new release of Fuego Sagrado, the malbec-tempranillo blend. It’s actually ironic, but I’ll tell the story during the dinner as it goes back to our homeland in Scotland and the renowned McCrea castle Eilean Donan (featured in the James Bond movie ‘The World Is Not Enough).

Anyway, the final course is a chocolate molten cake with blackberry froth and lavender-blackberry smoke. I’ve never smoked lavender or blackberry. Have I been missing something? Maybe that’s where the “froth” comes in. Regardless, I’m already frothing at the menu … Hood canal oysters, thyme infused duck confit, rosemary lamb leg … yummy! But where’s the haggis Chef Dustin?


About salidawine

Salida Wine is a creation of winemaker Doug McCrea featuring a portfolio of wines made in Washington State from Spanish grape varietals.
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