Latest Crush Historically

I can’t believe that the last entry was September 18th. It seems so long ago now. One month following, October 18th, we brought in our first fruit, Albarino, the spicy white hailing originally from Galicia, a really beautiful region in Spain’s northwestern corner.

This began crush! Essentially one month later than ever. It’s said from the people in the Yakima Valley that this year was the coolest and wettest summer since 1940! I can believe it!

Fast on the heels of the Albarino came the Two Coyote Tempranillo, crushed three days later. We were only able to receive 3.9 tons, but the fruit was lovely, and here we are, ten days later and it’s through fermentation and ready to go to barrel.

So now things have progressed. One week later on October 28th, in came Grenache, which presently is in what we call “cold soak” and I’ll probably apply it’s yeast tomorrow or Wednesday to get it underway.

That still leaves both Mourvedre and Malbec. I simply can’t believe that we’ll be doing crush in November, but it’s clearly the deal.

The good news is that even with a year such as this, all of the fruit is of great quality. We’ve just had to wait it out, and wait it out. I hear that there’s a possibility of snow in the Yakima Valley next week, so I think the waiting is clearly over. That’s just fine with me!


About salidawine

Salida Wine is a creation of winemaker Doug McCrea featuring a portfolio of wines made in Washington State from Spanish grape varietals.
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